Mutually Exclusive?: Thriving Canadian Energy Economy & Environmental Sustainability

I understand this is a complex and volatile issue amongst Canadians, yet this post by Green Party MP, Elizabeth May, makes sense to me. Can we let go of out-moded, fear-based beliefs and at least creep into the future in a way that helps keep it around? Money cannot be the prime directive. It is simply, undeniably unsustainable to do so, isn’t it? California has made some huge and powerful changes and their economy is thriving in many ways as a result, isn’t it? Why are people so afraid of making changes with environmental sustainability in mind?
“Let’s think like a country. We need an energy policy that puts energy security, jobs and climate action as shared goals. Build upgraders and refineries in Alberta, sell finished product across Canada; end the import of foreign oil, and plan for an orderly phase-out of fossil fuels.” ~Elizabeth May, BC-MP, Green Party

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