14 Morning Rituals (That Seem A Little Out There) But Will Totally Change Your Life

Mornings are tough sometimes, establishing a routine that sets the tone of your day, that works with your values and goals for living is a really great idea. The mornings when I’ve wakened with enough time before I have to hit the road and take a lavender scented bath, or enjoy my coffee while writing in my journal are days when I am permeated with peacefulness and contentment. Life becomes more than a To-Do list, feels better, and makes a lot more sense!
What are your favourite morning rituals?

What do you do in the morning to set yourself up for a great day?






Originally posted by Briana Wiest on Thought Catalog

Thought Catalog

Take Epsom salt baths. Okay, so maybe you’re a little too hurried to bathe leisurely in the morning, but that’s only because you’ve structured your schedule that way. Get to bed earlier and wake up so your morning isn’t a miserable trek through stress-inducing tasks. Epsom salts (especially the eucalyptus ones) remove toxins and ease muscle tension and pain, among other health benefits. Technicalities (or claims) aside, you step out feeling like layers of stress were lifted off of you.

Set intentions. It’s not that much different than scribbling down your “to do” list except for one major factor — your intentions don’t have to be tasks and responsibilities. To be most effective, they should be how you’ll approach your tasks and responsibilities. To not have anxiety on your morning commute, to answer your emails first thing in the morning rather than put them off, etc.

Put on something warm as…

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