Why You Should Date A Yogi

Good morning Lovelies!

Here is a great article by MindBodyGreen on dating a yogi. More than just a pitch about why yoga-centric people make great partners, it also identifies a few useful practices we could cultivate more deeply in our own quest for relationship harmony and fulfillment.

One of the first posts I read on the “Why You Should Date…” trend was “Date a Girl Who Reads,” and it was a lovely article outlining how books and reading enrich the mind and personality.

So then I started thinking of the other habits and practices that I’m passionate about, and it’s surprising that there are only a few articles that talk about how yoga makes people more “date-able.” So here are a couple reasons why and how you can be happy dating a… [more]

Have an ostentatious day Peacocks!


Gina-Lily ❤

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